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How to position a patient on a Tidewave Mattress

63 views January 16, 2024

Learn how to position a patient on a Tidewave Mattress. We recommend using positioning pillows as...

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Opplæringsvideo av Tidewave

91 views January 05, 2024

Lær hvordan du bruker alle de flotte funksjonene til Tidewave madrassen, inkludert hvordan du...

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Anwenderwideo Tidewave

24 views January 05, 2024

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie alle tollen Funktionen der Tidewave-Matratze nutzen, einschließlich der...

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Instructional video of the Tidewave mattress

190 views January 05, 2024

Learn how to use all of the great functions of the Tidewave mattress, including how to interpret...

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Benefits from implementing Tidewave

38 views December 18, 2023

Norwegian Smart Care Lab is an independent party and they have done an assessment at a nursing...

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Pressure distribution on the Tidewave Mattress

58 views December 07, 2023

Using the ForeSite Intelligent Surface System to do a pressure mapping, we can see how pressure...

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Tidewave Mattress - Timelapse

75 views November 15, 2023

A turning cycle takes up to 1 hour. The only mattress you'll never hear, feel or see moving. Even...